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Giving the Acura a wedgie

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Giving the Acura a wedgie

Owners of 2009-2011 Acura TSX vehicles may complain about a popping or clicking noise from the right or left rear when driving over bumps or through dips. The cause may be traced to burrs from spot welds contacting adjacent sheet metal in the rear jacking points as the body flexes.

The fix is relatively easy. Install a wedge between the sheet metal panels in the inner side sills that comprise the jacking points.

Required materials include: 3M Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive P/N 3M-08008 and body wedge installation tool kit 07AAD-TL2A140 (includes 4 wedges, installation tool, acid brush extension and acid brush).

Connect a ChassisEAR around the suspected area and test drive the vehicle to confirm that the noise is coming from the left or right rear jacking point.

On the affected side, remove the grommet from the wheelwell and the grommet from the bottom of the side sill. Shine a light through the side sill grommet hole in order to view the wheelwell grommet hole.

Looking through the grommet hole, you will see the sheet metal panels that make up the jack point.

Using an acid brush and extension, apply the adhesive through the wheelwell grommet hole and between the sheet metal at the insertion point. Allow the adhesive to become tacky.

Mount a wedge onto the end of the installation tool and apply a generous amount of adhesive to both sides of the wedge. Allow the adhesive to become tacky.

Insert the wedge through the wheelwell hole and into the insertion point by hand. Make sure that the stop on the installation tool is pointing downward.

Use a hammer to drive the wedge securely into the insertion point until you feel the stop coming into contact with the sheet metal.

Gently twist and wiggle the tool from side to side to release the wedge.

Reinstall the grommets and apply undercoat material to the grommets.


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