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Leaky Subaru map light

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Leaky Subaru map light

A water leak at the map light area of 2010 Subaru Legacy and Outback vehicles may be caused by water leaking through the area of the sunroof cable mechanism. Silicone sealer will be required, applied to both of the front ends caps.

Open the sunroof glass and position to the most rearward position. Carefully push and hold the sunroof air deflector down to gain access. The deflector will need to be in that position while performing the procedure.

Clean any dirt/grease in the area around both of the front end caps of the sunroof cable. Apply sealer under the front of the end caps, making sure that the silicone fills the gap.

Using a right-angled pick tool, move a small amount of sealant around the sides and along the bottom of the end caps and the outer side to ensure that the seam is filled. Apply additional sealant on the front and rear sides and top seams of the end caps. Use the pick tool to smooth the sealant during application. Use a mirror if necessary to verify that all seams are covered.

While the sealant is still wet, operate the sunroof air deflector manually and remove any excess sealant material. Allow the sealant to cure, then perform water testing to check for leaks.




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