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Nissan Titan vibration

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Nissan Titan vibration

This TSB applies to 2004-2012 Nissan Titan vehicles that exhibit a vibration felt in the steering wheel (other than shimmy) and/or floor and/or seats when driving at a speed between about 25 mph and 40 mph.

This may be due to improper pinion angle in the driveline. If the vibration complaint is verified as occurring at between 25 and 40 mph, install 0.5-degree shims between the leaf springs and the rear spring pads on both the right and left side of the rear axle housing.

Raise the vehicle on a lift. Place tall support stands under the rear axle next to the rear spring pads.

One at a time, replace the four rear spring clip U-bolt nuts on each end of the axle housing with new nuts. Install the new nuts finger tight at this time.

Using a pry bar, spread the rear spring pad from the leaf springs and insert a 0.5-degree axle shim between the leaf springs and the spring pad (on each side of the axle). Make sure the shims are installed with the thinner/tapered end pointing toward the front of the vehicle. Make sure that the shim notch is pushed all the way against the leaf spring center bolt.

Tighten the four nuts in a crisscross pattern to a value of 89 ft.-lbs. Remove the stands, lower the vehicle and test drive to verify that the driveline vibration has been eliminated.

If the concern is still present, replace the 0.5-degree shims with 1.0-degree shims.

If the vibration remains, replace the 1.0-degree shims with 1.5-degree shims.


0.5 degree shim kit                    43036-7B805

1 degre4e shim kit                     43036-7B810

1.5 degree shim kit                    43036-7B815

U-bolt nuts (8)                           08911-6441A


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