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Misdiagnosed Mazda Tribute leak

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Misdiagnosed Mazda Tribute leak

Mazda notes that some 2005-2006 and 2008-2009 Tribute and 2008-2009 Tribute Hybrid vehicles may exhibit a leak from the PTU (power transfer unit) vent tube bolt.

This may be misdiagnosed as a PTU link shaft seal leak (intermediate shaft). Verify the leak origin and tighten the PTU vent tube before replacing any parts.

Remove the PTU fill plug and check fluid level according to Workshop Manual (section 03-16 POWER TRANSFER UNIT (PTU) DRAINING AND FILLING – AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE) or (section 03-16 POWER TRANSFER UNIT (PTU) DRAINING AND FILLING – MANUAL TRANSAXLE).

The fluid level must be even with the bottom of the filler hole with the vehicle on flat, level ground.

Inspect the PTU vent tube bolt for leakage. If the PTU vent tube bolt is leaking, clean bolt contact surfaces and torque the bolt to 120 (+/- 19) in.-lbs. If the PTU vent tube bolt is not leaking, refer to Workshop Manual diagnostics. NOTE: The PTU vent tube bolt does not require a washer.

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