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Fixing Nissan power rear door problems

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Fixing Nissan power rear door problems

Some 2004-2010 Nissan Armada vehicles may experience an inoperable and/or noisy power rear lift gate. If you confirm that the power motor will not open or close the door, and/or there is a grinding and popping noise inside the rear trim panel:

 * Check for a loose or missing bolt on the power back door motor assembly and replace if needed.

* Check for bent or damaged power back door motor mounting brackets and replace if needed.

Access the power back door motor assembly as follows:

* Remove the left side finishers.

* Refer to the Service Manual as needed (section BL 2004-07 section DLK 2008-2010).

* Bolt “A” shown in the illustration must be removed.

* NOTE: you may not need to completely remove the lower luggage finisher. Unclipping the top and pulling it back may provide enough access.

* Check bolt “B”. If loose or missing, replace it.

* Apply Permatex Medium Strength Threadlocker Blue or equivalent to the threads of the new bolt. Torque the new bolt to 51 in.-lbs.

* NOTE: If bolt “B” is missing, be sure to find the missing bolt and remove it from the vehicle.

* Check both mounting brackets. If damaged, replace. Torque mounting brackets screws to 51 in.-lbs.

* Torque bolt “A” to 11 ft.-lbs.


Bolt (hex w/crush washer) P/N 01121-0039U

Bracket lock, back door RH  P/N 90508-ZQ10A

Bracket lock, back door LH  P/N 90509-ZQ10A


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