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Correcting Subaru cruise cancel

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Correcting Subaru cruise cancel

Subaru notes the potential to induce a false code 43 into the cruise control system. The VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control) system employed in the 2012 Impreza has changed from the previous generation with regard to communication control between VDC and the ECM. Under the new logic, communication between the VDC and ECM is incomplete before engine start-up.

When performing diagnosis using the SSMIII, make sure that the engine is running and the VDC warning light on the combination meter has turned off before performing an all-system check. Do not start performing diagnosis with the key position at Ignition-ON/engine OFF. Otherwise, cruise control “cancel code 43” (VDC/ABS failure) will be stored in the memory.

Performing diagnosis during Ignition-ON time and trying to activate the cruise control to complete an all-system check is not recommended because the cruise control system cannot be turned on and the “CRUISE” light will not appear on the meter due to incomplete communication. As a result, “cancel code 43” will be stored in memory.


* “CRUISE” mode cannot be activated even if the “CRUISE” button is pressed (engine running).

* “CRUISE” mode was cancelled unintentionally.

* Cruise control “Set” mode fails to engage.

* Cruise control “Set” mode is canceled unintentionally.

The purpose of the cancel code is to identify the cause when the cruise control system cannot be turned on or is canceled unintentionally due to a failure.

If you find “cancel code 43” in memory, it is not a malfunction of ABS/VDC if “CRUISE mode can be activated properly after engine start-up.

If “CRUISE” mode cannot be activated properly after engine start-up, or if you find one of the afore-mentioned conditions, there is the possibility of an actual malfunction. In that case, perform diagnosis according to the applicable service manual.

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