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Quieting a knocking noise on Volvo models

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Quieting a knocking noise on Volvo models

Customers may complain about a knocking noise from the front suspension (2007-2009 Volvo S80, 2008-2009 V70, 2008-2009 XC70). The noise can occur when turning, accelerating, braking or when side-loaded.

The noise may be caused by excessive movement in the subframe bushing tube. The problem may be accompanied by a groaning noise when turning or when driving over a speed bump. This may be caused by a rubbing conflict between the front subframe rear bushing and the support plate.

If a hard knocking noise can be heard from the rear subframe bushings, disconnect the front anti-roll bar link on both sides. If the noise is gone, it indicates that the noise could be coming from the front subframe rear bushings.

Use a pry bar to move the subframe and listen for the noise.

If the bushing shows signs of wear or if the cause of the problem is that the bushing is not in the correct position in the subframe metal tube, replace the subframe bushing according to VIDA, RTJ 20261. The new subframe bushing will feature a different interface with the support plate.

NOTE: When installing new bushings, apply epoxy adhesive between the subframe and bushing. The recommended materials include:

* Volvo P/N 9511027, 3M DP8005

* Volvo P/N 9512950 glue gun kit

* Volvo P/N 1161730 nozzle for glue gun kit

An alternative epoxy glue is LORD 305, available from

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