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Check list before Mitsu A/C service

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Check list before Mitsu A/C service

On some Mitsubishi vehicles, refrigerant gas may leak from the front shaft seal of the A/C compressor, causing decreased A/C cooling performance. This primarily affects 2008-2010 Outlanders built prior to May 21, 2010, and 2009-2010 Lancers and Lancer Sportbacks built prior to May 20, 2010.

A/C compressor replacement is required to address the problem. Refer to the label on the A/C compressor and confirm that it not a new part number (new part numbers are listed in the following chart). If the vehicle is equipped with a part number listed in the chart, this TSB does not apply.

Perform a leak test before replacement to verify leak location. Do not replace the A/C compressor if a refrigerant leak at the front shaft seal cannot be verified.


3.0L                                 7813A354                             7813A366                   -                        X

2.0 / 2.4L                         7813A350                             7813A365                  X                       X

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