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Decoding Volvo EFI codes

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Decoding Volvo EFI codes

Some owners of Volvo 850, S70 and V70 vehicles may see the MIL illuminated. The cause may be leakage in the fuel evaporative system, storing fault codes EFI-611 and EFI-612.

In many causes the root cause results from the customer filling the fuel tank with the engine running or not tightening the fuel tank cap.

Volvo recommends the following quick test to fault-trace these DTCs before performing any other repair:

* Check and tighten the gas cap.

* Ignition on.

* Erase DTCs.

* Gear in P or N position.

* Warm up the engine (above 158 degrees F).

* Allow the engine to idle.

* A/C off.

* From the diagnostic tester menu, select Activate Diagnosis, then select Leakage Diagnosis.

* Run the diagnosis. This can take up to two minutes.

* If the run does not go through, switch the engine off and restart.

* Read fault codes.

NOTE: If the texts START CONDITIONS NOT MET or DIAGNOSTIC INTERRUPT appears, this can have several causes: High fuel evaporation, high canister charge, high tank pressure, fuel trim not active or a DTC posted after the diagnostic has been activated. Check that no DTCs are stored, restart the engine and reactivate the diagnostic. Several attempts may be required.

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