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Milan and Fusion barn door open?

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Milan and Fusion barn door open?

Some 2010 Milan and Fusion vehicles equipped with the 2.5L engine and built on or before 10-22-2009 may exhibit a customer concern of an underbody shield dragging under the vehicle. The underbody oil drain access cover may be loose or damaged.

Raise the vehicle on a hoist and inspect the underbody cover for an oil drain access door that is out of position, loose or damaged. If the access door is missing or damaged, replace the underbody cover. Refer to the workshop manual Section 303-01A.

If the access door is loose or out of position, remove the underbody cover. Mark two points on the drain access door. One point should be above the letter “O” and one point should be above the letter “N” of word “OIL DRAIN formed into the cover. The marks should be close to the edge of the oil drain access cover by about 1/4-inch.

Drill two 3/16-inch holes through the access door and underbody cover. Remove the access door and install two J-retainer clips to the underbody cover access door opening. Reinstall the access door using two new screws. Fasten the screws to 4 in.-lbf. Reinstall the underbody cover.

NOTE: Make sure that both tabs are secured under the underbody shield and that the original fastener is in place.

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