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Chevy Volt power steering notes

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Chevy Volt power steering notes

The 2012 Chevrolet Volt power steering gear boot may appear to be leaking when in fact no leak is occurring. A small amount of grease may be visible around the boot. Grease is used on all steering gears to provide corrosion protection of the boot contact area. Seepage is normal. Due to the Volt’s operating temperatures, grease seepage may be more apparent than on other applications.

Some customers may experience a no-charge condition when using either the stationary 240V or the 120V charger. A DTC P0D26 may also be set in the HPCM 2.

If normal diagnostics do not isolate the cause of this concern, perform the following steps:

* Check the last eight digits of the VIN. If the VIN is less than BU100954, perform the latest version of PIP4875 to program the HPCM 2, along with the other modules.

* If the concern returns or if the vehicle has already had PIP4875 performed, perform the next step.

* Plug in the 120V charger and note the behavior of the charge indicator light on the instrument panel and the lights on the charge cord set (EVSE). If the light on the instrument panel is not steady green during a charging event, and the two upper charge cord set lights are steady green, record a GDS 2 snapshot from the HPCM 2 monitoring the Battery Charger Control Module Data.

* Review the snapshot and monitor the proximity detection signal for erratic operation while manipulating the charge cord coupler (handle) in different directions.

* If the snapshot shows an erratic signal and the condition changes with charge cord coupler manipulation, a new charge cord receptacle may be needed.

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