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Jeep Grand Cherokee rattles when rolling

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Jeep Grand Cherokee rattles when rolling

Customers may complain of a rattle sound from the rear of the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee while driving. A number of vehicles were built with rear upper shock mounts that rattle when the vehicle is driven. The fix involves replacing both right and left upper mounts.

You should first perform a VIN search before attempting the repair. NOTE: This does not apply to vehicles with models that are equipped with rear load leveling shocks.

The replacement upper shock mount is part numbered as 68029590AD (two required). The part should feature yellow paint marks and/or include a September or later build date code.

With the rear shocks removed, remove the upper protective cap from the upper shock mount. Using Miller Tool 9894 and 9362, hold the top of the shock rod and remove the strut nut from the upper mount. Do not use any tools on the shock rod assembly other than those specified to prevent damaging the shock rod.

Slide the dust boot down and remove the jounce bumper from the upper shock mount. Discard the old upper shock mount and install the jounce bumper into the new mount.

Make sure that the jounce bumper is correctly oriented into the upper mount cup. Jounce bumper cutouts should align with the upper mount cup formations. Incorrect installation will result in a squeaking noise. Reassemble and install.

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