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Warming up a stone cold Hyundai

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Warming up a stone cold Hyundai

Some 2009 and 2010 MY 2.4L Sonatas equipped with Valeo Mexico starters may exhibit a click with no crank from the starter during extended below-freezing weather conditions.

The engine will start after multiple attempts to crank. Starters will operate normally after a short period in warmer weather or after a car is brought from freezing conditions into a warm shop. This affects vehicles equipped with the 2.4L engine and automatic transmission, produced between 8/20/09 – 7/17/09; and between 10/20/08 – 7/17/09.

Replacing the starter solenoid is the recommended fix for this problem.

1. Record the radio presets.

2. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

3. Disconnect the starter cable (A) from the B terminal (B) on the solenoid (C), then disconnect the connector (D) from the S terminal (E).

4. Remove the two bolts that secure the starter and remove the starter.

5. Remove the starter solenoid M terminal nut (F).

6. Remove the M terminal wire (G).

7. Remove the two solenoid retaining bolts (H) and remove the solenoid assembly (I) from the starter.

8. Remove the plunger spring (J) and clean excess grease from the plunger (K) using a clean dry cloth. Make sure that the lever stop remains in place.


9. Install the plunger spring € onto the plunger (F).

10. Install the solenoid (A) onto the starter (B), securing the bolts (C) to 3.0 – 4.2 Nm.

11. Install M wire (G) onto solenoid M terminal (H) and secure M terminal nut (I) to 7.8 – 11.8 Nm.

12. Install the starter in reverse order of removal.

13. Install the negative battery cable.

14. Set the clock and radio presets.

 The P/N for the replacement starter solenoid kit is 36120-2G110.

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