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Customers complain Volvo ABS light is on

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Customers complain Volvo ABS light is on

Customers may complain about an illuminated ABS warning lamp in the DIM (Driver Information Module) on some Volvo models. This applies to 2004 and later S40, 2005 and later V50, 2006 and later C70 and 2007 and later C30 vehicles.

Access DTCs using VIDA. If any combination of BCM-0011-0012, -0021 and/or –0022 are set, fault trace according to VIDA and follow these steps:

* First check if any metal particles are trapped on the hub’s encoder ring. Remove any metal particles if found. Clear DTCs and test drive the vehicle for a few minutes. See Figure 1.

* NOTE: Do not use any magnetic equipment to remove particles, since these may damage the encoder ring function. Use air pressure and wear safety goggles.

* Check if the hub is correctly seated in the knuckle. There should be no gap near the arrow (as seen in Figure 2).

* Check for the hub pushing out near the arrow as seen in Figure 3. If a displaced hub is found, replace both the hub and steering knuckle.  

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