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How to fix a crunchy Mazda

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How to fix a crunchy Mazda

Some customers may experience a metallic crunching/shudder affect when attempting left or right turning with slight road incline-to-decline (or vice versa) at slow speeds of less than 9 mph. This applies to 2009-2010 CX-9 vehicles built before JM3 TB****A*214479 (January 8, 2010).

After verifying the concern, replace the ABS/DSC Hydraulic Unit (A in illustration). Refer to MS3 on line or Workshop Manual (section 04-18 DSC/RSC HU/CM Removal/Installation for the replacement procedure.

Parts information:

2008-2009               P/N TD74-43-7AOD    Hydraulic Unit ABS

2010                        P/N TE69-43-7AOD     Hydraulic Unit ABS

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