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Correcting an Audi no-go problem

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Correcting an Audi no-go problem

Owners of Audi models (1020 A4, 2008-2010 A5/S5, 2008-2010 A6, 2008-2010 A8 and 2010 Q5) may complain about intermittent no-drive when selecting driving mode D or R. The vehicle can be driven only in 3rd gear (limp home mode).

The following DTC(s) may be stored:

P0730 (transmission monitoring incorrect gear ratio)

P2700 (clutch A implausible)

P2701 (clutch B implausible)

P2702 (clutch C implausible)

P2703 (clutch D implausible)

In rare circumstances, if the vehicle was in motion and the ATF strainer becomes loose, the transmission may go into limp mode and can only be driven in 3rd gear. In cold conditions, the gearbox shifts with a delay. In hot conditions, suction noises may be heard.

Because of a design change, the ATF strainer can come loose from the guide of the ATF pump intake duct. As a result, air can be drawn in. Air causes the oil to foam, which prevents the clutches from closing completely.

1. Check the gearbox control unit for DTCs and create a diagnosis protocol.

-  If there are no faults stored but the concern can be duplicated, proceed to Step 2.

-  If one or more of the DTCs are stored, proceed to Step 3.

2. Check the ATF fluid level per ELSA instructions.

-  If the fluid level seems to high and foamy due to air mixed with the ATF, proceed to Step 3.

-  If the fluid is at the correct level and the fluid is not foamy, open a TACS contact and call the Audi Technical Assistance Center.

3. Drain the ATF into a clean container and remove the ATF pan.

4. If the filter was found in the bottom of the pan, proceed to Step 6.

5. If the filter is still seated in the valve body, try to remove it with light force.

-  When removed, if the filter seal remained behind in the valve body or is not fully installed on the neck of the filter, proceed to Step 6.

-  If the seal is fully installed on the filter as shown in Figure 1, open a TACS contact and call the Audi Technical Assistance Center.

6. Obtain a new ATF filter. Check whether the new filter is the improved version with the numbers 22222 and 33333 printed on the top of the filter (Figure 2). If numbers are not printed on the filter, do not install it. Return the part and obtain another filter.

7. Replace the ATF filter according to the repair manual. Make sure that the magnets in the oil sump are not stuck on the underside (metal side) of the loose ATF filter and are not removed with the old strainer. The magnets must be reinstalled in the pan to protect the transmission from metallic particle abrasion.

8. If there are complaints of gear shift quality after replacing the ATF filter, clear the adaptations in the test plan and then perform the GFF or Guided Functions Adaptations Drive.


0B6 gearbox:

-  Oil strainer 0B6 325 429

-  1 set hexagon socket flat head bolts 0B6 398 747

-  Gasket for oil pan 09E 321 371 A

09L gearbox:

-  Oil strainer 09L 325 429

-  Oil pan gasket 09L 321 371 A

09E gearbox:

-  Oil strainer 09E 325 429

-  Oil pan gasket 09E 321 371

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