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No hot seat for Mazda vehicles

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No hot seat for Mazda vehicles

Owners of 2010-2011 Mazda3 vehicles equipped with (cloth seat) seat warmers may complain that the seat cushion warmer does not work even though the seat warmer switch is on.

This is caused by a disconnected wire from stress applied to the bridge area of the seat cushion warmer when seated. According to Mazda, the bridge position of the seat cushion warmer has now been changed from the center to the sides.

The fix involves replacing the seat cushion warmer with a modified one (with strengthened bridge). The original seat cushion will be re-used.

Since the seat cushion trim will also be re-used, cut both sides of the stiffener (plastic area) that is installed laterally behind the trim, 30mm from the edge (A). The purpose of this cutting is to prevent the stiffener from being placed over the bridge of the seat cushion warmer. If the stiffener is re-used without being cut, it can cause damage to the bridge area of the cushion warmer and lead to failure.

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