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Honda Pilot moonroof glitch

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Honda Pilot moonroof glitch

The moonroof on 2009-2011 Honda Pilot vehicles may not operate correctly (may not open), due to a problem with the moonroof control unit software.

Specifically, this applies to the following Honda Pilot vehicles. All:

2010 2WD          From VIN 5FNYF3…AB000001 through 5FNYF3…AB015011

2010 4WD          From VIN 5FNYF4…AB000001 through 5FNYF4…AB025894

2011 2WD          From VIN 5FNYF3…BB008765 through 5FNYF3…BB009538

2011 4WD          From VIN 5FNYF4…BB015340 through 5FNYF4…BB016167

The corrective action involves updating the moonroof control unit software with the Flash Pack (P/N 07AAZ-SZAA100.

Remove fuse No. 28 from the under-dash fuse/relay box.

Reinstall the fuse and try to open the moonroof. If the moonroof does open at this point, go to the repair procedure. If not, continue with normal troubleshooting.


1. Using a trim tool, remove the map light lenses from the roof console.

2. Remove the four screws from the roof console and remove the console (there is no need to disconnect wires; allow the console to hang).

3. Start the engine.

4. Connect the Flash Pack: (NOTICE: Do not connect the Flash Pack until the engine is started, and never crank the engine when the Flash Pack is connected to the vehicle). When the Flash Pack power connector is connected to the vehicle’s 12V power outlet, the unit’s blue POWER indicator illuminates.

5. Disconnect the moonroof control unit 10P connector, then connect the Flash pack 10P connector to the control unit.

6. Press the PROGRAM button on the Flash Pack. The yellow IN PROCESS indicator stays on for about two minutes, then the green PASS indicator illuminates to let you know that the software update is completed.

NOTICE: To avoid damaging the Flash Pack, do not disconnect it or operate anything electrical (audio unit, headlights, windows, door locks, etc.) when the IN PROCESS indicator is on.


If the red FAIL indicator illuminates during the update, press the PROGRAM button again. If the FAIL indicator illuminates again, the moonroof control unit (motor) must be replaced.

7. With the engine still running, disconnect the Flash Pack power connector from the 12V power outlet, then disconnect the Flash Pack 10P connector from the moonroof control unit, in that order.

8. Turn off the engine.

9. Reconnect the moonroof control unit 10P connector.

10. Reinstall the roof console in the reverse order of removal.

11. Close all vehicle doors and tailgate.

12. Turn the ignition switch to LOCK.

13. Press and hold the center of the moonroof switch (tilt), and turn the ignition switch to ON.

14. Release the moonroof switch and turn the ignition switch to LOCK.

15. Repeat steps 13 and 14 four more times.

16. Push and hold the moonroof switch forward (closed) until the moonroof moves to the hard stop (full tilt open) position and backs up slightly. Within five seconds, release the moonroof switch, then push and hold the switch in the forward (closed) position again.

17. Continue holding the moonroof switch forward (closed) until the moonroof moves to the full slide open position and then back to the full closed position.

NOTE: Be sure to hold the moonroof switch in the forward (closed) position throughout the moonroof’s travel. If you release the switch too soon, you’ll need to repeat Steps 13 through 17.

18. Make sure that the moonroof one-touch feature works in the Open, Close and Tilt positions.

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