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Audi fix for sporadic DTCs

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Audi fix for sporadic DTCs

Audi reports that if DTCs sporadically appear in any of their 2000-2010 models, the cause may be traced to poor contacts caused by incorrect testing methods. Contacts may be widened (over 0.63mm) by using incorrect pins or incorrect methods for current flow tests. Either action may cause intermittent electrical connections. This may cause sporadic DTCs to be stored in various control modules.

Check the contacts on the control module and connector. Verify that all pins and terminals are securely clipped into the connections. Verify that no pins are bent or deformed. Verify proper crimping (refer to the accompanying photo).

Mechanically check the contacts on the control module and connector. Test the individual terminals by using the standard 0.63mm male pin to verify proper contact. Make sure that the test pin is not twisted and is inserted correctly into the female terminal. The contact must be tight, but it must still allow the pin to slide into the terminal of the control module connector.

Only use the 0.63mm male pins, because the female terminals are designed for these pins, which are the only terminals found in the connectors for the control modules.

If the pin/terminal is deformed, improperly crimped or does not contact correctly, the contact must be replaced with the VAS 1978A repair kit, or ordered in sets.

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