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Noisy Nissan ABS

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All Nissan vehicles equipped with ABS or ABS/VDC may exhibit a clicking, knocking, clunking, buzzing or thumping noise from the engine compartment area. If this noise occurs only once per ignition cycle (ignition ON/OFF) and does not occur again until the ignition is cycled; and if the noise happens only briefly for a few seconds on acceleration (between 5 and 30 MPH), this condition is normal and occurs during the ABS self-check.

Each time the ignition is turned on the vehicle reaches approximately 5 to 30 MPH (depending on model), the ABS/VDC system performs a self-check to confirm that the components of the ABS/VDC system are operating correctly. If the brakes are being applied when the self-check occurs, a vibration may be felt in the brake pedal and an increased level of noise may be noticed.

Vehicles with 30 MPH self-check logic are listed here:

Model / VIN / Built on or after

Sentra (B16) / 3N1(*)B6AB(*)BL 715540 / April 29, 2011

Versa (C11) / 3N1(*)C1(***)BL 492534 / April 29, 2011

Altima Sedan (L32) / 1N4(*)L2A(**)BC 181489 / May 5, 2011

Altima Coupe/Sedan (CL32/L32) / 1N4(*)L2(***)BN 509317 / May 4, 2011

Maxima (A35) / 1N4AA5AP(*)BC 850453 / May 3, 2011

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