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Some 2013 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor vehicles equipped with ballistic door panels built on or before 3/26/2013 may exhibit a sticking or binding door window glass on the left or right front door.

1. Perform the following procedure on the affected side only.

2. Remove the window regulator.

3. Remove the door window glass.

4. Clean the glass using Goo Gone and Motorcraft Ultra-Clear Spray Glass Cleaner or equivalent.

5. Remove the ballistic information label from the black nylon material of the ballistic panel and set aside to re-attach.

6. Remove the front door latch.

7. Apply masking tape to the two large openings inside the door to protect against sheet metal edges.

8. Apply liberal amounts of Goo Gone spray gel adhesive remover to the black nylon material adhered to the ballistic panel.

9. Remove the black nylon material by peeling at the upper edge of the panel and pulling the material downward.

10 Clean off residual adhesive and Goo Gone with Motorcraft Metal Brake Part Cleaner.

11. Attach the ballistic information label to the lower-left area of the ballistic panel.

12,. Reassemble.

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