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Overly Sensitive Acura

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Overly Sensitive Acura

This bulletin applies to all 2000 and later Acura models with SRS.

The OPDS (Occupant Position Detection System) sensors in the front passenger seat back pad are very sensitive and can set SRS DTC 15-3 (faulty OPDS sensor) or 86-11 (faulty OPDS seat back sensor) if they are exposed to even small amounts of electronic interference.

Some electrical devices that plug into the accessory power socket, especially those using a power inverter/converter, can interfere with the seat back sensors and cause a false DTC. According to Acura, even fluorescent lights can cause this when placed close to these sensors.

Find out if the customer is using any plug-in electrical devices or fluorescent lights near the front passenger seat. Typical plug-in devices include laptops, DVD players, cell phone/laptop charging units, A/C inverters, etc.

If the answer is yes, clear the DTC and let the customer know how sensitive these plug-ins can be and to advise them not to use such items.

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