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Mazda Toots its Own Horn

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Mazda Toots its Own Horn


Some 2013 Mazda CX-5 vehicles may exhibit a sudden, un-commanded and continuous horn activation for no apparent reason. This condition may occur after the vehicle is parked in cold ambient temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit or colder for several hours, then moved into a warmer area (shop or garage).

This concern may be caused by an internal short circuit of the clock spring.

After verifying the concern, inspect the clock spring according to the instructions on MS3 online or the workshop manual, section 08-10 (Clock spring inspection [standard deployment control system] or clock spring inspection [two step deployment control system).

If no problems are found, inspect other horn circuits according to MS3 online or the manual.

If a problem is found during inspection, replace the clock spring with a newly modified part.

If the vehicle is equipped with halogen type headlights, the new clock spring part number is KD33-66-CS0. If equipped with discharge type headlights, use clock spring part number KD35-66-CS0.


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