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Steering Angle Reprogram

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Steering Angle Reprogram

This bulletin applies to 2011 Chevy HHR vehicles equipped with electronic stability control. Customers may comment that the Service Electronic Stability Control (ESC) message appears in the driver information center (DIC) and/or the ESC system activates at inappropriate times (modulates brakes and/or limits engine torque).

This condition is caused by the steering angle sensor being inadvertently recalibrated. The condition may also be the result of the steering angle sensor not being properly centered after an alignment or repair.

DTCs C0460, C0280 or C0196 may be set.

The amount of steering deviation from the proper center location and the type of driving conditions encountered will determine which DTC will set.

1. Use SPS to update the EBCM software. Technicians are to reprogram the EBCM using the SPS with the latest software currently available in TIS2WEB.

2. Recalibrate the SAS (steering angle sensor). When using a Tech2 or a Multiple Diagnostic Interface for reprogramming, ensure that it is updated with the latest software version. During programming, the battery voltage must be maintained within the proper range of 12 to 15 volts. According to GM, use only the approved Midtronic PSC 500 battery maintainer or equivalent during programming.

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