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Noisy Dodge

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Noisy Dodge

This bulletin applies to 2011-2012 Dodge Durango models built prior to July 2, 2012. The owner may experience a knocking, buzzing, squeaking or rattle sound from the instrument panel area near the A-pillar.

The noise may be caused by an improperly adjusted hood hinge. The hood hinge can be checked in the closed position by grasping the hood near the rear corners at the hinge area and lifting up and down. If excessive motion and/or a knocking sound is heard, perform the repair procedure.

1. Open the hood and secure in the upright position.

2. Loosen both nuts of the left hood hinge at the hood. Do not remove the hood hinge nuts, as they only need to be loosened to allow the hood hinge to move.

3. Allow the hood half of the hinge to move freely and find its equilibrium.

4. Retighten the hood hinge and verify hood to fender fits are within specification. If not, continue fitting until it is within tolerance. Torque the hood hinge attaching nuts to 16 ft.-lbs.

5. Road test the vehicle to verify that the noise issue is resolved.

6. If the noise remains, open the hood and remove the driver side upper fender closeout panel.

7. Pull back the corner of the cowl to fender closeout.

8. Remove and replace the driver side hood hinge pivot bolt P/N 06510735AA. Note that the front fender does not need to be removed in order to replace the hood hinge pivot bolt. Torque the new bolt to 13 ft.-lbs.

9. Reinstall the corner cowl to fender closeout and upper fender closeout panel.


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