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Magnetic Ride Snafu

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Magnetic Ride Snafu

This bulletin applies to 2003-2014 Chevy Corvette and 2009-2014 Cadillac CTS models equipped with Magnaride (magnetically controlled suspension). The issue involves the Magnaride electrical connector not seated, along with DTCs C0575, C0580, C0585 or C0590. The customer may see a Service Suspension System message displayed on the driver’s information center (DIC).

During the assembly process, it is possible that the 90-degree electrical connector at the top end of a shock absorber (actuator) may not have been fully seated, or has been bumped firmly enough to partially disconnect it or create an internal contact concern.

CTS models built after Feb. 22, 2011, have a CPA tab as part of the connector. Vehicles built with this design should be less susceptible to being unseated. All other products continue with the original style connector.

If the DTS refers to a front shock absorber, remove the front shock tower cover and disconnect the electrical connector.

Visually examine the green insulator and center post of the connector to verify that it is straight and in good condition. Replace the connector and re-test.

Reconnect the connector to the shock and clear the suspension DTC and confirm that the code(s) does not reset.

If the code returns, remove the connector and pigtail. Swap the connector with the connector on the opposite side shock absorber. Does the DTC follow the connector to the other side? If yes, replace the connector. If no, refer to the service manual and follow the diagnostics for the DTC that was originally found.

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