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Exploring the Glitch

Some 2012-2014 Ford Explorer vehicles equipped with a 2.0L Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection (GTDI) engine may exhibit a difficult to start, runs rough, crank-no-start, lack of  power, loss of idle rpm or hesitation concern, with DTC P0106, P0236 or a repeat P0128. These conditions may be caused by a wiring concern in the signal return splice.

1. Using Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS), check for DTCs. Does the vehicle have only one P0128 DTC stored?

  a. No….proceed to Step 3.

  b. Yes…proceed to Step 2

2. Is the coolant level full?

  a. No…fill the cooling system using the vacuum cooling system filler procedure. Refer to the workshop manual section 303-03. Proceed to Step 3.

  b. Yes….proceed to Step 3.

3. Replace the signal return splice with 0.75 mm (18 AWG) wire using the crimp method. Backfill the crimp with solder before sealing the repair with a heat shrink tube.

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