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BMW Dual Mass Flywheel

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BMW Dual Mass Flywheel

This bulletin applies to 2013 BMW 328i models as well as all models equipped with a dual-mass flywheel (except Motorsport vehicles). Prior to condemning a dual-mass flywheel as defective, the following three criteria have to be checked and evaluated:

1. Total rotational angle at no load condition (with applied torque less than 20 N.m.).

2. Secondary plate longitudinal axial play.

3. Friction surface appearance changes due to thermal overload.

The dual-mass flywheel replacement is justified only if one or more of the following criteria are met:

1. The total rotational free-play, measured at the flywheel gear ring, is equal or greater than 7 tooth.

2. The secondary plate total axial bearing play, measured at the outside diameter of the flywheel, is equal or greater than 5 mm.

3. A significant discoloration in the adjoining area outside the friction ring, or a severe erosion of the friction area is present.

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