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Rattling Routan

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Rattling Routan

This bulletin applies to 2011 VW Routan vehicles where a knocking/rattling noise appears to be coming from the transmission. Apparently some vehicles may have been assembled with insufficiently tightened crankshaft-to-transmission torque converter drive plate fasteners.

If this condition is present, you’ll need to verify the fastener torque.

Remove the transmission and measure the torque on the flex plate fasteners.

If fasteners are not tightened to 70 ft.-lbs., remove the fasteners, spacer plate and torque converter drive plate.

Position a new flex plate P/N 7B0105323A to the crankshaft, and install a new spacer plate P/N 7B0105341 and eight new fasteners P/N WHT004411. Tighten the new fasteners only hand tight at this time.

Tighten the crankshaft-to-flex plate fasteners to 70 ft.-lbs. in a crisscross pattern and reinstall the transmission.

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