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Park Assist Problems

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Park Assist Problems

This bulletin applies to 2014 Jeep Cherokee models equipped with Parallel & Perpendicular Park Assist/ParkSense, an option for folks too lazy to learn how to parallel park.

Customers may experience a false park assist detection. This is caused by ground reflections on vehicles equipped with XH3 or XH4. If the customer wishes to perform a parallel and/or perpendicular park assist (PPPA) maneuver and they push the PPPA button, then the cluster may display “Active ParkSense Temporarily Unavailable.” This is an intermittent condition and will only last for one key cycle. On further inspection, the technician may find DTYC U045A-86 (implausible data received from parking assist module – signal invalid).

Using a scan tool (wiTECH), if PAM module DTCs are present, other than the one listed here, record and repair as needed before proceeding.

Connect a battery charger to keep battery voltage between 13.2 and 13.5 volts. Use the wiTECH diagnostic application to reflash the PAM. Using wiTECH, perform a Restore BCM Proxi Configuration. This routine is available under the Vehicle Preparations tab found on the home page of wiTECH. The wiTECH software level must be at release 14.01 or higher.

Turn the ignition off and allow the modules to go to sleep. Turn on the ignition and clear any DTCs that may have set in all modules due to reprogramming.

That’s a lot of fooling around for a feature that would not be needed if people learned to drive. But, it’s malfunctions like this that keeps shops busy.

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