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No More Doughnuts

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No More Doughnuts

This bulletin applies to 2011 Chevy Camaro models, as well as other 2012 and prior GM vehicles. When diagnosing power steering fluid leaks, the technician may find a heat damaged fluid reservoir. When a power steering reservoir or reservoir seal is damaged, it’s important to make sure that potential associated issues are addressed.

Conditions that are the result of super-heated power steering fluid may involve multiple components. These additional components may not have any apparent issues at the time of initial diagnosis.

Fluid temperatures sufficient to distort or damage the reservoir may cause damage to the power steering pump, affecting durability.

When replacing a power steering reservoir for a leak condition, if the condition appears to be caused by super heated fluid, it’s important that the power steering pump also be replaced to prevent a subsequent concern. In addition, advise the customer that certain operating conditions generate excessive fluid temperatures and must be avoided to prevent future issues.

These maneuvers and conditions include:

  • Holding the steering against the stop/end of travel for more than 5 seconds at an engine speed in excess of 1,500 rpm.
  • Doing continuous spin-outs/”doughnuts” with the steering against the end of travel for more than 5 seconds at a time at engine speed in excess of 1,500 rpm.

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