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Finicky Caddy Fuel Door

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Finicky Caddy Fuel Door

Some owners of 2013 Cadillac SRX vehicles may complain that the fuel tank filler door does not lock or unlock. This concern may be intermittent. The condition is caused by lousy alignment of the locking pin to the hole in the fuel tank filler door bracket, preventing full engagement of the locking pin.

Use the following steps to revise the locking pin engagement hole.

1. Open the fuel tank filler door.

2. Locate the oval-shaped locking pin hole on the inner fuel tank filler door.

3. Protect the inside of the door with masking tape to prevent scratches.

4. Using a paint pen, mark a 2.0 mm area on the filler door bracket. The area marked should be toward the outside of the door.

5. Using a small round file, remove 2.0 mm of material from the pin hole, slightly beveling the hole edge.

6. Remove the masking tape and verify the locking/unlocking function.

After all what do you expect for hefty Caddy money? Parts that actually fit?

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