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Buick Christmas Tree Lights

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Buick Christmas Tree Lights

This bulletin applies to 2008-2011 Buick Enclave models. During normal diagnostics and/or repair, technicians may find that the ABS light, Traction Control and/or Stabilitrak indicators may be on with no DTCs displayed in the EBCM. This condition may be due to the EBCM requiring a full power-down to reset the diagnostic monitoring after a Clear All DTCs command has been performed with the Tech2.

Do not replace the EBCM for this condition. This is not an internal EBCM hardware problem.

The condition can typically be resolved by performing a full power-down of the EBCM. The following DTCs are applicable to this condition of light-on/no DTCs C0035, C0040, C0050, C0110, C0131, C0161, C0186, C0196, C0245, C0252, C0299, C0450, C0455, C0550, C0710, U0100 and U2142.

Follow the guidelines below when performing a Tech 2 DTC Clear Code Command Request:

1. Perform Tech 2 EBCM Clear All DTCs command, if not already performed.

2. After the EBCM Clear All DTCs process is complete, the EBCM Telltales may still appear.

3. Key off ignition, remove key, open and close the driver’s door to turn off RAP (Retained Accessory Power) and wait at least 60 seconds.

4. Key on ignition. Are the EBCM-related Telltales still present?

  • If no Telltales and no DTCs are present, no further action is required.
  • If yes (Telltales and no DTCs present), operate the vehicle at speeds greater than 10 mph to complete the self-test. If the vehicle is repaired, the EBCM will turn off the indicators. If a DTC resets, follow the appropriate diagnostic trouble code procedure.
  • If Telltales remain with no DTCs after the drive cycle, then disconnect the battery for at least 60 seconds and then re-connect. This will ensure a complete power-down of the EBCM. Turn the ignition key on and operate the vehicle at speeds greater than 10 mph to complete the self test. Verify that no Telltales or DTCs are present.

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