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Confused Volt

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Confused Volt

Some owners of a 2011-2014 Chevy Volt may comment that their vehicle did not fully complete a charge or that charging was interrupted. They may also note that the MIL was on. Technicians may find DTCs P1E00 set in the ECM and P0D3E or P0D3F set in the HPCM2.

The condition is known to occur with certain models of EVSEs (charge cords or charge stations) such as the Bosch Power Xpress (formerly SPX) and GE WattStation. This is due to an interaction of the diagnostics between the vehicle and the EVSE. A P0D3F may also set if the vehicle was charging during a thunderstorm and the voltage dropped from the electrical grid during charging.

A new software package was released for the K57 battery charger control module (BCCM) to address this concern. Flash in the latest calibration for the BCCM. A reminder in TIS2WEB service programming will prompt the user to only flash the BCCM while the vehicle is plugged in and charging.

If the vehicle already contains the latest calibration for the BCCM, follow published procedures for diagnosing P0D3E or P0D3F.

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