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Connecting With the Transit

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Connecting With the Transit

Some 2012 Ford Transit Connect vehicles built on or before 1/30/2012 may exhibit drivability concerns including runs rough, loss/lack or power, hesitation/stumble and MIL on with DTC P0351 and/or P0354. Concerns may be intermittent and DTCs may be present in continuous memory only. These concerns may be due to a spread terminal 69 and/or 70 in PCM connector C175E.

1. Does the vehicle exhibit a rough running, loss/lack of power, hesitation/stumble with P0351 or P0354 on demand or in continuous memory, and is the vehicle build date on or before 1/30/2012? If yes, proceed to Step 2. If no, this bulletin does not apply. Continue with normal diagnostics.

2. Obtain Terminal Kit P/N 9S4Z-14S411-AA and refer to the instruction sheet.

3. Use the male blade terminal lead to confirm a spread terminal concern in C175E, pins 69 and 70. The concern is confirmed to be low spring force if either location allows the blade to enter with little or no resistance to insertion force. Does the pin test fail on either terminal 69 or 70?

  a. Yes….Proceed with replacing both terminals 69 and 70.

  b. No….Claim parts and labor for the pin test only. Refer to PC/ED manual for normal diagnostics.

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