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Liftgate Re-learn

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Liftgate Re-learn

Some 2012 Mazda CX-9 vehicles may exhibit an inoperable power liftgate after the vehicle battery has been disconnected then reconnected. The power liftgate will require re-initialization.

Before starting the initialization procedure, reset KAM (keep alive memory) by disconnecting the negative battery cable and pressing the brake pedal for 15 seconds, then reconnect the battery cable.

1. Park on level ground. If the liftgate is open, fully close it manually, then unlock the liftgate and all doors using the transmitter or door lock switch. If the liftgate is closed, unlock the liftgate and all doors, then open and close the liftgate manually.

2. Press and hold the power liftgate switch or power liftgate button on the transmitter to fully open the liftgate.

3. Press and hold the power liftgate switch or button on the transmitter again to fully close the liftgate.

4. The power liftgate is now initialized.

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