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No Buick Low Beam

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No Buick Low Beam

Some owners of 2010 Buick Enclave vehicles may complain about inoperative low-beam headlamps. According to GM, do not replace the headlamp assembly. Replace the bulb and inspect the connector as follows:

1. Remove the headlamp bulb.

2. Inspect the connector:

  • If the connector is not discolored or damaged, replace the bulb only.
  • If the connector is discolored at the bulb interface, replace the connector (service pigtail P/N 20939657)
  • Important: Use only Duraseal splice sleeves (salmon color, P/N 19168446). Other splice sleeves may not protect the splice from moisture or provide a good electrical connection.
  • Cut the wires of the connector about 1-3/4-inch (45 mm) from the connector and splice in the service pigtail connector.
  • Replace the bulb and verify headlamp operation.

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