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Replacing an Odometer

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Replacing an Odometer

Can’t transfer the odometer mileage to a replacement gauge control module with the HDS and you know the original mileage? If so, Honda notes that you’ll need the services of a speedometer shop that’s qualified to change odometer readings.

If the vehicle shows the odometer mileage on a MID that’s separate from the gauge control module don’t submit that MID for mileage transfer. It simply shows data from the tach by way of the B-CAN. Make sure you submit the gauge control module.

If there aren’t any shops in your area that can do the work, here’s one that Honda recommends:

Palo Alto Speedometer Inc.

(650) 323-0243 (e-mail:

If you decide to go with them, be sure to check their website at and click on Dealer Instrument Cluster Programming. It opens a PDF with submittal instructions.

Federal law requires that if the replacement odometer can’t register the same mileage as before, the replacement odometer must be set to zero miles and a mileage disclosure label attached to the driver doorjamb. The label must show the prior mileage and the date of the replacement or repair. If the true mileage is not known, the label must say : Previous mileage unknown.”

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