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Lincoln Brake Noise

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Lincoln Brake Noise

Some 2009-2011 Lincoln MKS and 2010-2011 MKT vehicles built on or before 7-28-2010 may exhibit intermittent grunt or grinding front brake noise.

1. Measure the rotors. If the minimum thickness is over 28.5mm (1.122”), resurface them using an on-vehicle brake lathe. If the minimum thickness is equal to or less than 28.5mm, replace the rotor.

2. Discard the brake caliper anchor plate and bolts.

3. Make sure that all caliper anchor plate mounting surfaces are cleaned of machining material before installing new anchor brackets and bolts. Follow grease application locations as listed in the service manual.

PART NO.                              ITEM

AG1Z-2C397-C……………….Brake kit


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