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Sloshing Caddy

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Sloshing Caddy

Owners of 2010-2012 Cadillac SRX models may comment that they hear a clunk or fluid sloshing noise from the rear of the vehicle when coming to a stop, which might initially appear to be suspension related.

The sloshing noise may be more noticeable when the fuel tank is about 1/2 to 7/8 full. The clunk or thump noise may be more noticeable when the fuel tank is at or just above 1/2 while making abrupt stops at lower speeds.

The fuel movement inside the saddle-tank design is causing this noise.

The fix: Install a new fuel tank and auxiliary fuel pump module which is located on the driver-side of the tank. The new fuel tank (for North America vehicles) is available as P/N 22878952. The new auxiliary fuel pump module kit is P/N 13580096.

The new tank will only utilize the front two heat shield fasteners. The rear two fasteners are no longer necessary.

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