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Beware of Chevy Filter

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Beware of Chevy Filter

Some owners of 2012-2014 Chevy Sonic models may comment on a low oil pressure light coming on or flashing at idle. This may be caused by oil pressure being bled off due to debris in the oil drain check valve and/or a smashed oil filter.

During an engine oil change, it is possible for the tabs on the filter to break off and fall into the oil filter housing. The piece(s) may become lodged under the oil filter housing drain check valve, causing it to remain open when the new filter is installed. This will allow oil to drain back into the oil pan and reduce the pressure to the engine.

Also, if the filter element is smashed during improper handling during installation, this will prevent the closing of the oil filter drain check valve.

In other words, use caution when handling and installing these filters.


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