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BMW Brake Lights

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BMW Brake Lights

This bulletin applies to 2011 BMW 328i E93 equipped models, produced from Aug. 31, 2006, to July 2, 2007. A “rear light failure” message may be displayed in the check control and one of the brake force display lights may be inoperative. The cause is likely a light bulb failure or a loose contact between the light bulb and socket.

Depending on the version of the FRM (foot-well module) in the vehicle, check for the following fault codes:

A8C0/9320…Brake force display right defective

A8BF/931F…Brake force display left defective

NOTE: The brake force display bulb and socket are located in the rear lamp housing located on the trunk lid. If any of the listed faults are set, proceed as follows:

Remove the affected brake force display bulb and socket per repair instruction RA 63 21 057.Confirm that the brake force display bulb is not blown. Use a 12-volt power supply if necessary.If the bulb is not found to be faulty, then replace both sockets with updated P/N 63 21 7 207 528.If the bulb is found to be faulty, replace the bulb with P/N 63 21 7 160 788 and both sockets with P/N 63 21 7 207 528.

NOTE: All vehicles produced prior to July 3, 2007, will need both sockets replaced, regardless of bulb condition.


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