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Lean Bimmer

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Lean Bimmer

This bulletin applies to 2010 BMW Hybrid X6 models equipped with the E72 engine. The Service Engine Soon lamp may be illuminated, with faults stored in the DME memory.

29E0…..Fuel mixture control, mixture too lean, bank 1.

29E1…..Fuel mixture control too lean, bank 2.

The cause may be an un-metered air leak in the induction system or a miscalculation of the air usage in the induction system procedure.

Perform all applicable test plans for the faults stored (mechanical leakage, restriction or electrical failure of an induction system component). If the results of the tests are inconclusive, proceed to the following troubleshooting.

Smoke testing the induction system is the most effective way to determine the integrity of the system.

Inspect the Charge Air Line (1) connections and the clamps. Check the tightness of the attachment screw (2). Check the crankcase ventilation system connection (3). Check the connection at the flexible coupler (4) on the air box. Remove the filtered air duct (5) for inspection.

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