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Ram Won’t Start

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Ram Won’t Start

Owners of 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 trucks equipped with the 5.7L engine may complain of the vehicle theft alarm intermittently sounding, along with a no-start condition.

Multiple attempts may be required to start the engine. This applies to trucks built prior to May 9, 2011, and equipped with the Security Alarm or Premium Security Alarm.

1. Using a scan tool (wiTECH) with the appropriate diagnostic procedures available in TechCONNECT, verify that no DTCs are present. If DTCs are found, record and repair as needed before proceeding.

2. In the System Test tab of wiTECH, record the “Last VTA Trigger” cause.

3, Was the Last VTA Trigger equal to 1 (right rear door)? If yes, perform the repair procedure. If no, this bulletin does not apply.

4, Are DTCs U0010 and U0001 present in the TIPM? If yes, perform the repair procedure. If no, this bulletin does not apply.

5. Install a battery charger to ensure that battery voltage does not drop below 13.2 volts or rise above 13.5 volts during the flash process.

6. Flash reprogram the TIPM. WiTECH software level must be at release 12.01 or higher to perform the procedure. Help using the wiTECH diagnostic application for flashing the TIPM is available through the wiTECH diagnostic application. For instructions, select the “Help” tab in the upper portion of the wiTECH window, then select “Help Contents.”

7. Clear any DTCs that may have set in other modules.

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