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Fancy Seat Failure

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Fancy Seat Failure

Some owners of 2012 GMC Acadia AWD trucks may comment that the front and/or rear heated seats are inoperative and/or the driver’s power seat only moves in short bursts each time the switch is operated.

There will be no DTCs set in the MSM (memory seat module), RHVSM (rear heated/vented seat module) or HVSMF (front seat heating control module). When the seats are activated, there will be three clicks heard from the module.

Do not replace the module(s) MSM, RHVSM or HVSMF. Using TIS2WEB, reprogram only the affected module with updated calibrations. At the “Calibration Selection” screen in TIS2WEB, select the calibration with the description of “For use on vehicles with power rail failure PIT5170 only, suspect vehicles built from 1/2012 through 6.2012.”

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