Vacutec WV711 smoke machine finds turbo system leaks

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Vacutec WV711 smoke machine finds turbo system leaks

Vacutec says the WV711smoke machine is designed especially for leak testing turbocharged and any other boosted systems and finds all leaks, especially high-pressure leaks.

Using patent pending Smart-Pressure technology and patented UV dye technology, the smoke machine delivers the densest smoke at any pressure setting. With contaminant-free UltraTraceUV dye solution, the WV711 finds all high pressure leaks, even those you cannot see with smoke alone.

The velocity of smoke exiting a leak at very high pressure makes it virtually impossible to see with the naked eye. But UltraTraceUV deposits a special, patented ultraviolet dye at the exact spot of a leak.

Easy digital pressure settings allow for precise settings without having to fumble with analog regulators. The all-digital unit is self-calibrating and fully adjustable from 0 to 43 PSI (0-3 bar). It also quantifies leaks with pressure decay (PSI/bar) and flow rate, utilizing a specially-designed electronic flow meter in collaboration with Honeywell.

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