Permatex Rotor Cleaning Wipe makes install quick and easy

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Permatex Rotor Cleaning Wipe makes install quick and easy


Permatex says its new Permatex single-use Rotor Cleaning Wipe towelette makes it easier to clean and prepare new brake rotors for installation.

Permatex Brake Rotor Wipe is a water-based cleansing wipe designed to remove oil residue and impurities from the rotor surface and help protect the rotor from corrosion. The formula contains no VOCs and helps to promote pad wear-in. The wipe also leaves a thin protection correction coating, which prolongs rotor life and helps prevent brake squeal.

Permatex’s single use pouch allows the consumer to purchase the exact amount of Article necessary to complete a job, which helps minimize waste. The pouch also keeps the towelette at the intended level of moisture, unlike larger packages, in which multiple wipes may dry-out due to exposure.

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