Rotary Lift Mobile Wheel Lift prevents ceramic brake damage

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Rotary Lift Mobile Wheel Lift prevents ceramic brake damage


Rotary Lift says shops that cater to performance-based vehicles with ceramic brakes, Rotary’s new MW-200 Mobile Wheel Lift takes the worry out of the wheel removal and installation process.

Because they are lighter, can withstand higher temperatures, and offer other benefits, ceramic composite disc brakes are offered as factory options on a growing number of performance vehicles. However, the same properties that make ceramic disc brakes desirable also make them susceptible to accidental chipping and cracking during service, notes Rotary.

“If you don’t pull a wheel off straight when working on a vehicle equipped with ceramic brakes, it can be easy to bump and crack the rotor,” says Ron Lainhart, parts and service manager for Rotary Lift.

“The MW-200 takes the risk out of the operation. You just position the wheel on the raised lift and roll the lift backward. There’s no strenuous lifting, pulling or jerking involved. Since ceramic discs are so expensive to replace, the MW-200 could pay for itself after just a few jobs.”

The MW-200 features three large rollers for holding and rotating wheels and tires weighing up to 200 lbs. The rollers allow the technician to align the wheel and hub without straining to hold a heavy load. The lift has a rise time of just six seconds to keep the repair process moving at a quick pace.

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