AME joins forces with inventor for Hitch Hermit storage system

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AME joins forces with inventor for Hitch Hermit storage system


AME International LLC, a global tool and equipment manufacturer, and inventor Vern Schroeder have joined forces to introduce the Hitch Hermit, a safe, convenient and affordable hitch storage system designed to store and harbor removable hitches.

AME International manufactures Articles and equipment for tire and wheel service, including a complete range of OTR tire and tire-related accessories and equipment.

Rob Henwood, AME’s heavy-duty sales manager, values the Hitch Hermit’s convenience and benefits all who drive vehicles with hitches.

“The Hitch Hermit is a convenient way to store your hitch when you’re not towing,” says Rob Henwood, AME’s heavy-duty sales manager.

“It’s great for vehicles in states with laws requiring that hitches cannot protrude past bumpers when not towing.”

Ball hitches left in the back of a truck bed or SUV often become a projectile during an accident. AME’s Hitch Hermit prevents these accidents by securely storing the hitch under the vehicle when not in use. The Hitch Hermit also prevents individuals from walking into hitches left on trucks.

The Hitch Hermit also reduces the risk of theft and vandalism and saves users the time and frustration of looking for ball hitches and pins.

“The Hitch Hermit allows us to extend our efforts to reach truck/SUV owners in general,” says AME’s president, Keith Jarman. “We now have a little something for everyone.”

For more information on the Hitch Hermit, call (352) 799-1111 or visit

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