Rotary Lift AR18 four-post alignment lift services cars, trucks

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Rotary Lift AR18 four-post alignment lift services cars, trucks

Rotary Lift says the new AR18 four-post alignment lift is one of the most versatile Articles offered by Rotary Lift, easily adaptable to meet the needs of independent repair shops, mixed fleets, car and truck dealers.

The lift features two stainless steel turning radius gauges for use when performing alignments and is compatible with all brands and types of alignment instrumentation. The AR18 has a rated capacity of 18,000 lbs., enough to service everything up to and including Class 5 trucks.

One runway is adjustable by three inches to allow the lift to be narrowed or widened depending on the vehicle being serviced.

“The AR18’s ability to do it all means you won’t have to turn away customers or send out alignment work anymore,” says Doug Spiller, heavy-duty Article manager for Rotary Lift.

“The lift boasts a wide range of features, giving users the flexibility to use a single shop bay for multiple purposes. It can be utilized for repairs on everything from sedans and pickups to ambulances and day cabs.

“If you want to add four-wheel alignments to your service offerings, it can be set up to accommodate wheelbases as short as 63 inches and as long as 162 inches. The extended-length model increases the max wheelbase capability up to 198 inches.”

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